Monday, June 7, 2010

The latest viddy of our girls in action yesterday

The girls of the Riot are playing some good ball these days. They won three in a row yesterday in the Del City tournament before coming up short in the final game (which went extra innings) that featured some weird bounces of the ol' softball at some crucial moments.

We realize the video images on this blog can get a bit blurry at times, but that's cause the package has to be compressed so much to fit on YouTube and/or Google's blogger platform. Perhaps at some point in the future we'll put a compilation of these videos on disks, which will have much better resolution. If that happens we'll let you know and give a disk to each of the girls, which they'll be able to play in a DVD player or computer.

Meantime, we're putting together slide presentation of still photos from yesterday's action, so look for it late tonight or maybe tomorrow. Thanks, and Go Riot!

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